14 Film Burn Light Overlays free design asset

Carefully harvested sunbeams, cherished summer memories, orange-flavored sprinkles of happiness — that's what these cozy light leak overlays are made of.

The product contains 14 light leaks overlays you can turn on/off by clicking the eye icon near the selected light leak number. 

In order to add your own image, you need to open the Edit Content layer (marked with green). To do so, double-click the layer's thumbnail (the layer's little rectangular image, but not the layer itself). It'll trigger the new tab. Delete the "Delete Me" layer, then drag & drop your own image in the layer, that's left. 

Don't forget to hit Cmd+S (or Ctrl+S) to save the applied changes. Then close the Smart Layer and watch the effect being applied in the main tab!

Combine various light leaks by turning them on. You can also adjust the noise overlay by turning on/off the Texture 1 and Texture 2 layers. Feel free to experiment! 


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