15 High-Trending FREE Gothic Fonts For Designers


A Gothic font design is usually attractive and magnificent. It has now become a most popularchoice in branding and logo design projects.

What is a Gothic Font?

A Gothic font (also called Blackletter font) is a style of design dating back to the culture andarchitecture of the Medieval Period. This design has a tendency to make typographicalpresentation look majestic and elegant. The Gothic fonts typically belong to the sans-serifcategory and derive inspiration from the Gothicism era. They feature the same style of Gothicarchitecture, displaying intricate, gloomy and pointy buildings, in its characters. If you arelooking for vintage or retro designs, the Gothic fonts will surely help you.

The History Behind Gothic Font Styles

The Gothic design movement began in the region of Northern France in the earlier 12th century.It was greatly influenced by Romanesque architecture popular during the Romanesque periodthat lasted for 200 years.

Beginning with cathedrals and abbeys of the Middle Ages, the Gothic design movementextended towards various cities and countries where many buildings and universities exhibitedthe Gothic style. This movement also left its deep marks on literature of that era. The writersoriginated a ​Gothic genre​ of horror and mysterious stories set in dark and gloomy placesdisplaying Gothic architecture.

Because of their unique style of design, the Gothic fonts easily caught attention. They soonbring to mind Gothic elements​ and imagery that are somber, dark, and picturesque. Today,these fonts are mostly used in designs ranging from product labels to tattoos, badges, logos,poster titles, and much more.

A Collection of High- Trending FREE Gothic Fonts

Are you looking for some unique and magnificent gothic fonts for your new project? Well, I mustsay you are at the right place. We’ve a best collection of high-trending FREE Gothic fonts withvarious amazing design styles. These Gothic font styles will surely help you in designing logos,book covers, posters, website headers, t-shirt designs, and much more.


1. Shlop Font



2.  Caslon Antique Regular


3. Pure evil 2 Regular

4. Indoctrine

5. A Charming Font

6. Proclamate

7. Nopia



 8. Valley of Elah

9. Gothickella


10. Turok



11. Galagar


12. Histeria

13. Gotika

14. Pommern Gotisch

 15. Cardinal



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