Graphics design trends 2021



The world of design is a constantly changing environment. Here you can come up with tens of thousands of styles, so trends can replace each other year after year.



An irreplaceable trend of the last few years. Designers strive to sweep away more and more elements and leave as much space as possible. Minimalism has become popular in everything from websites and gadgets to banner ads and clothing.



Bulky fonts, First of all, the fonts will be rich. Over the past few years, more and more attention has been paid to the bold type, since it focuses attention. But at the same time, fonts are also associated with minimalism.

Natural shapes and shades

In 2021, illustrations with plants, wood, or stone textures will become especially popular.



Gradients have been a trend in graphic design for the last three years. As polls and expert comments show, so far no one intends to forget this trend.


Simple illustrations

Users love cartoon characters on packages and posters. In 2021, the design trend is light lines in illustrations and simplicity in execution. The simpler the better! Characters are instantly memorable, making them great for branding.


3D illustrations

The trend, to be honest, is not new, but it is getting cooler and cooler. In 2021, designers will create stunning 3D graphic designs, combining photographs and three-dimensional objects.


Emoji Design

Funny emoticons for all occasions will be in trend in 2021. Smilies attract attention and evoke emotions. The trend is perfect for projects ranging from animated websites to social media posts.


Old school style

Using retro style in 2021 design is a great marketing ploy to attract customers of different ages. Filters with film-based effects will become even more popular on social media.

Gold Design


Metallic effects in designs will go trendy in 2021.

They are already popular in product design. 

Monochrome and two-tone designs

The idea of a very limited palette has long been present in modern design. By using a simple palette, designers pay more attention to complex graphics.


Optical Illusion

Optical illusion design is perfect for capturing the attention of a busy viewer.

Trends are trends, but it is important to remember that any trends actually exist only for us to be inspired by them, and sometimes with their help we could quickly find the right solution. Therefore, every time we sit down to develop a design, we must think first about the goals and users, and only then about the fashion and trends that it dictates.

By: Freepikpremium Team

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